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  • Compact Mobile system

    The Compact Mobile System is the method of storing a high-density in a limited area. It is so easy and comfortable for keeping files and has a larger storage space more than the old storing system.

  • Compact Stationary System

    The Stationary System really is the storing method with great advantages that could get the full efficiency of storing things. Many patterns of putting materials in storage are adjustable to make the materials suitable for any different places and uses.

  • Micro Stationary System

    This is suitable for a factory or service center that has an area of more than 100 square meters.Robust storage that looks good too. Easy to setup, expand and move.Short delivery times.

  • Micro Mobile System

    This method is developed for a business with limited space and in the need of more quantities of storage space. It is for gaining benefit in competition to run business.

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